If you look through Samantha Yanks’ Instagram feed, you’ll see decadent photos of beautiful food, drool-worthy fashion and jewelry, snaps of beautiful landscapes and precious moments shared with her adorable daughter, Sadie, 7. It’s but a glimpse into Yanks’ rarified world as Editor-in-Chief of Hamptons Magazine and Editor-at-Large of it’s equally luxe sister publication, Gotham Magazine.

As a born and bred New Yorker who worked her way through Vogue and O, The Oprah Magazine, setting a style standard is second nature for Yanks. With roots in fashion—she’s also the Fashion Director for the publishing company behind Hamptons and Gotham—and as founder of SPYLUXE, her very own, very chic lifestyle website, Yanks artfully curates the best of fashion, culture and beauty, not only in the pages of her magazines, but in real life. It’s a job requirement for Yanks to attend countless parties, openings and events each week—while meeting her deadlines and raising her daughter. She always looks perfectly put together in New York City, and glamorously undone at the beach—and happy. She radiates warmth and genuine good cheer.

I couldn’t wait to talk to her.

As expected, Yanks introduced me to a few of her favorite products I can’t wait to try, and she also made me cry a little when she talked about beauty and how she finds it in motherhood, inside and out.


Anastasia Brow Fix. I CANNOT live without it. It’s a wax stick that allows me to keep a weighty but defined brow.


Air dry in the summer, I love an ocean induced curl in the Hamptons. Blow dry in the city for sure. My crazy mane doesn’t work in the office.


Christy Turlington and Carolyn Murphy share the top spot for me.


I just don’t feel like myself with a bold lip as much as I love it on everyone else. I’m all about the eyes. Short answer, bold eye, neutral lip.


Top knot or bun and I feel done in the summer. But pretty safe to say I wear it down and blown out for city life.


Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté hair oil. It’s from Paris and all natural. (My friend Bianka Lefferts, who owns 27 Hampton Salon, introduced me to her products and they are amazing.)

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08 .15 .14 The Week in Beauty

Salute: Screen legend, dedicated mother and beloved New Yorker, Lauren Bacall, died this week. She was 89. Her son, Stephen Bogart said,“She lived a wonderful life, a magical life.”

Seeing Red: Have you noticed how there seems to be a redhead on almost every TV commercial these days? Here’s why. (The real question is, how do I harness this power?)

Happy Birthday! To one of my all-time favorite redheads, Debra Messing!

Survey Says: More than half of 12-14 wear makeup everyday. I’m still processing this one.

Heed: 15 makeup commandments from makeup guru Sonia Kashuk. She’s celebrating 15 years collaborating with Target this month with an amazing set up brushes. (They’re SO. GOOD. I have a favorite I’ve been using religiously every day for five years.)

Truth: Watch this video if you’re at all lazy about putting on sunscreen. Three words: Sun. Damage. Camera.

Congrats! Savannah Guthrie gave birth to a healthy baby girl this week. Her unusual, beautiful name, Vale, immediately trends on Nameberry.com


08 .08 .14 The Week in Beauty

Beautiful: Olivia Wilde, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour magazine, breastfeeding her infant son.

Powerful: “Five Things I Learned From My Daughter” by a young mother who has insight and wisdom beyond her years.

Balls: Julia Roberts on Jimmy Fallon. THIS is why I heart her so much. And of course, I can’t stop staring at her hair.

Bump: Christina Aguilera bares all as she nears the end of her second pregnancy.

Truth: Elizabeth Banks says stars are not like us, so don’t feel bad about yourself.

Eat Cake: This week, my childhood doppleganger Soleil Moonfrye turns 38 and Charlize Theron celebrates 39.

Resurgence: Are scrunchies and banana clips back?


08 .01 .14 The Week in Beauty

Pucker Up: Lipstick trends throughout the decades. (I’m so ’70’s.)

Chop: Usually women do something drastic after they give birth, not before. What do you think of Scarlett Johansson’s new pixie cut?

Say What: Mom thinks her two-year old is not too young for international beauty pageant. Criticism ensues, of course. At least she won’t be wearing makeup.

Shop: Halle Berry’s makeup artist opens new, highly curated beauty e-commerce site.

Launching: Nars + 3.1 Philim Lim essentail nail wardrobe hits Sephora today.

Instagram: 10 great beauty bloggers to follow

Summer Woes: How to handle bug bites, boob sweat and other pesky problems of the season.

So funny: The husband who took maternity photos to a whole new level.

Special delivery: TreatMint Box is the first monthly beauty subscription service exclusively for men and women battling cancer.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has some coveted beauty buys and exclusives that don’t seem to get as much play as the fashion deals do. I felt I would be remiss not to share a few of my favorites with my fellow beauty addicts. The sale is on through August 4th.

Makeup: This “Nude on Nude” palette from Bobbi Brown is an amazing value and the colors are so wearable and universally flattering. It comes with a full size mascara and gel eyeliner. (It’s $85, down from $208!) This limited edition Nars cheek palette is all you need, complete with two blush shades, bronzer and highlighter. The Lacome Mascara Wardrobe is a savvy little buy—for $39 you get their four best-selling mascaras, an eyeliner and eye makeup remover.

Hair: This Perfect Hair Day set from one of my favorite hair care lines, Living Proof, is a great buy at $45. This hair wand looks great, and very similar to my beloved Sedu Clipless hair wand.

Tools: I love this MAC Brush set. A great deal at more than half-off. If you aren’t on the Clarisonic face cleansing bandwagon, this starter set is a nice opportunity to jump on.

There’s also some very good perfume, candles and beautiful soaps sets—perfect for holiday gifts.

Happy shopping!


07 .18 .14 The Week in Beauty

Photo-op: Mom bloggers on Instagram who capture motherhood beautifully.

The Fine Print: LuLu Lemon’s new shopping bag disses sunscreen, causes controversy.

Mantra: How to talk to your daughter about her body.

Say It With Me: Female Survival Advantage. Apparently, it starts in the womb. Studies show girl babies can survive stressful pregnancies better than boys. Also, apparently, divorce rates are higher among couples with daughters. Researchers are saying there’s a connection.

Top Mom: A rare photo of Padma Lakshmi and her beautiful daughter, Krishna, in NYC this week.

Hear Me Thor: Marvel comics introduces its first female Thor.

Headscarves: Or, how to handle hot, bad-hair days. 

Inspiring: Website Makers.com showcases thousands of trailblazing women, both known and unknown, in a beautiful series of unforgettable videos.

Photo by @bleubird on Instagram