07 .11 .14 The Week in Beauty

Congrats: Claire Danes leads the pack of beautymamas up for Emmy awards this year. Julianna Margulies, Sophia Vergara, Melissa McCarthy, Kerry Washington and Robin Wright also got well deserved nominations.

Expecting: Eva Mendez is seven months pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. A nation of women are in mourning. I don’t want to be around when (probably shirtless) photos of him holding the baby surface. Here, the 7 stages of grieving over the news.

Bizarre: 15 really strange beauty inventions from Asia. Can you say face iron?

Frozen: No, not that one. Ice cubes. They belong in your beauty routine. Here’s how.

Steal: Beauty secrets from the far east and beyond. And they’re all natural.

Real: Julie Bowen breaks down motherhood, beautifully, on TheGlow. About her three boys, the gorgeous mama says “They are pure joy and pure challenge all the time.” 

Selfies: 6 makeup tricks for excellent summer shots.

Have a beautiful weekend. 



07 .04 .14 The Week in Beauty

Ambitious: Always is trying to redefine what it means to run “like a girl.” A must see video.

Question: Is your makeup aging you?

Yikes: Study shows women would give up their mate before their makeup. Also, the astounding amount we spend on beauty in a lifetime.

Gorgeous: Get this metallic summer smokey eye. An excellent tutorial.

Useful: Shaving cream alternatives. I love this.

Photos: Gwyneth Paltrow is not just a beauty icon, she’s every beauty icon in Max Factor’s new campaign.

BeautyMama: Liv Tyler looks so gorgeous–and safe from the sun—in New York City this week.

Fascinating: Beauty ideals across 25 different countries, according to their best photoshoppers. What a cool cultural experiment.

Rejoice! GlamSquad launches in the Hamptons.


This is one of my favorite photos of me and my dad. It captures his spirit so well. I’ve been pretty lucky in the dad department— this weekend I celebrate my wonderful, warm and funny father (who I don’t get to see nearly enough), my husband—a better dad for my girls I could not imagine, and Pop, a grandpa my daughters are lucky to have in their daily lives.

I hope you have a great weekend celebrating the Dad’s in your lives.


06 .06 .14 The Week in Beauty

Real Beauty: Healthy is the new skinny. Amen.

Nicole Kidman: Looking beautiful and natural at the CMT Music Awards:

WOW: The power of makeup—see how serious contouring, major lashes and true artistry can transform faces.

Red Carpet: All the beauty at the CFDA Awards. 

Magic Minis: Have makeup, will travel. Sephora’s new mini’s make summer trips easy.

Full Plate: BeautyMama Giada de Laurentiis opens her first restaurant in Las Vegas. I learned two things: she has two ii’s in her last name and her eatery is in a new hotel modeled after the Hotel Costes in Paris. I want to go.

Useful: How to get nail polish off any surface.

Fine Art: Chinese painter uses makeup to create masterpieces.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Photo credit HNS


05 .30 .14 The Week in Beauty

Double Delight: I love this selfie of two of my favorite beautymamas, Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing, taken at the Joyful Revolution Gala in New York City this week, benefitting Hargitay’s very special Joyful Heart Foundation. How beautiful is sheer happiness?!

Beauty Myths: Find out if old wives tales are fact or fiction.

Makeup Tricks: The top ten every woman should know.

The Littlest Bully: New research identifies clique behavior among kids as young as three, especially in girls, and what we can do about it.

Poreless Skin: The Korean secret to flawless.

Excellent Posture: The lazy woman’s guide.

And finally, a tribute to the beautiful Maya Angelou, who’s words and wisdom have been imprinted on my heart. If ever there was a matriarch of the citizens of the world, she would be it.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

05 .16 .14 The Week in Beauty

Classic Beauties: How gorgeous is Isla Fisher in fiery red Oscar de la Renta? Here’s more movie stars looking like movie stars at the Cannes Film Festival.

Beauty Sleep: It’s official: more sleep really does help you look better.

Bathing Beauty: Time to luxuriate—the anatomy of the ultimate bath.

Beyond the Dry Bar: Is beauty-on-wheels the next big thing?

Hi-Tech Beauty: Harvard grad invents new device that lets you 3-D print your own makeup.

What’s on your radar? Have a beautiful weekend!