05 .07 .14 Amy Poehler: Beyond Funny

I’d like to introduce you to the most clever, heartfelt and elevating non-profit I’ve ever encountered: Smart Girls at the Party. Founded by the lovely and brilliant Amy Poehler, Smart Girls is ambitious: it’s a social movement, it’s a community, it’s a public service, it’s a media channel—and so much more. At heart, though, it’s dedicated to girls. Educating them. Introducing them to “smart girls” around the world. Opening their eyes. Empowering them.

The organization’s motto is “change the world by being yourself.” It aims to help girls’ discover what moves them by offering a colorful wealth of information—on inspiring women, on different cultures, on raising a voice for girls around the world.  Peohler’s Smart Girls reveals a dynamic world filled with rock star women. It’s inspiring and fun to watch no matter how old you are.

I love the energy of this organization and their very unique messaging. I was particularly inspired by this statement: “We change the world by being ourselves and being ourselves is a life-long quest.” 

You could spend hours watching videos and reading the fun segments on the Smart Girls website. And I encourage you to! But here is a shortcut to a few of my favorite sections:

Smart Girls at the Party: Poehler’s video series that celebrates “women who are changing the world by being themselves.”  Poehler sits down with great women across all ages and industries. Think writers, artists, politicians, doctors—all with Poehler’s signature humor and flare.

Operation Nice: another interview series that celebrates random acts of kindness, small and large.

Notes to My Twelve Year-Old Self: advice— funny, true and heartfelt.

Call to Action#BringBackOurGirls, a joint initiative with Girl Rising, in response to the recently abducted Nigerian school girls.


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