04 .04 .16 Hi, I’m Back.

I feel like I’ve aged 100 years in internet time. I’ve missed this space so much.

But I’ve been absent for a totally legit reason. I don’t want to over-share, but I kind of had major surgery. I’m totally fine now, I just had to have a uterine fibroid the size of a grapefruit removed and it was like getting a C-section all over again—only 10x worse. I had my umbilical hernia repaired, too, since they were all up in there, and that, my fellow mamas who might suffer the same, was no picnic.

So, I have been healing. And for me, resting and healing meant I totally detached from work. It wasn’t a conscious decision. I was ambitious going in. I thought, “Oooh, I’ll be in bed for a while and will have the luxury to just think and write all day.” Sounded like a dream. But it was all theoretic. I alternately binge-watched Amazon Prime and slept. Not only did I barely move, I barely thought.

But I healed! And now, my innie belly button and I are back–with so much beauty news to discuss. So stand by.

From a new hair smoothing treatment to the perfect summer skin tint and face oil and makeup, I’m back with some exciting finds.

I’d love to hear from you, too. Discovered anything great lately?

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