03 .21 .14 I’m That Girl Who Wears Makeup to the Gym

Not makeup—makeup. Just eyebrows. And concealer. Maybe some tinted lip balm.

I’m convinced I don’t break out like a 14 year-old because I use these Ole Henrikson Truth to Go Vitamin C Wipes after each sweat session. I’m a big fan of the Ole Henrikson skincare line in general—I used the line throughout my last pregnancy. (These Yes to Cucumbers wipes and Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wipes are also really good drugstore bets because they all are natural, very soothing and deliver a healthy dose of vitamins.)

So there you have it. I wear makeup to the gym. Tell me I’m not alone.

I may or may not be coming from somewhere else more makeup-appropriate.

Yes, I sweat it off. I do SoulCycle for heaven sakes, it gets so hot and I work so hard, I’m drenched when I walk out, any vestiges of mascara (did I mention mascara?) turn to little black clumps scattered all over my face.

I know this can’t be good for my pores. I know it doesn’t matter and no one is looking at me in that dark room. Yet I can’t stop. I’m not even really trying to stop.

Here’s the catch: I never feel better than when I’m red-faced and spent and makeup-free after SoulCycle. I could hold court with confidence in my sweaty cycling clothes and messy bun.

Go figure.

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2 thoughts on “I’m That Girl Who Wears Makeup to the Gym

  1. You’re not alone. I shower before going to the gym too. Not a long shower but a shower none the less to scrub my face and wake up and feel clean. Then I put on mascara for sure and sometimes a tiny bit of liner and definitely lip gloss always. Can’t function without it. Who cares, it makes us feel good :). By the way I’m loving your blog! Did you cover liquid eye liner yet and I missed it? Woukd love to know if you use any and what you use.

    1. Naomi–you had me at “I shower before going to the gym.” I knew I couldn’t be alone. Thanks for the comment. I’ll get back to you on eyeliners, but the first one I think to mention is Eyeko.

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