10 .14 .15 Kid Licks: Edible Nail Polish

It’s so true that parents tend to be more relaxed with their second child. For example, when I dash out with my two year old, I stash a single diaper in my purse and go. My husband lets her jump from heights that scare even me. But ok. Tummy ache? Fever? I don’t even have the pediatrician on my iPhone favorites list.

But sometimes my laissez-faire attitude fails us.

The first offense was a few weeks ago with chewing gum. My little one, sitting in the shopping cart at the grocery store, all cherub cheeks and doll eyes, wanted a piece of the bubble gum I grabbed at checkout. I should have known better, entertaining her with my epic bubble blowing skills. Of course she’d want in on that action. So I tried to explain that she couldn’t swallow it. It’s not food, I spoke slowly, wondering if a: she could grasp the concept of putting something delicious in her mouth without the purpose of ingesting it, and b: could she actually *just* chew it.

I’ll bet you know how that story ended.

That’s why when said toddler wanted nail polish, I hesitated. No way could she keep those pudgy little fingers out of her mouth. So we negotiated one tiny sky blue pinky nail. If she ate it, I reasoned, it wasn’t a lot of surface area, and at least it was non-toxic kid polish.

But I cringed when I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients listed on the bottle.

Enter Kid Licks, the utterly genius nail polish made from organic food. Totally edible. Nothing you can’t pronounce. For example, here’s the ingredients in their red polish: water, organic beets, organic acacia, organic corn starch, citric acid. That is all.

Plus, the polishes are vegan, non-GMO and cruelty free.

It’s like a new beauty frontier!

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