04 .30 .14 Organic Baby Oil (Not Just for Babies)

My family is still recovering from the never-ending winter we had here in New York City. Between the arctic outside air and the dry indoor heat we used to combat it, there was simply no way to avoid dry skin. We even used a humidifier religiously, took fish oil everyday and drank plenty of water (or hot tea, I should say). While my husband and I suffered from the dreaded winter itch, my two girls developed flakiness and some dermatitis—fine little bumps on their arms and legs.

This Badger Baby Oil turned out to be the ultimate antidote. It’s a soothing, deliciously aromatic combination of calendula, chamomile, jojoba and olive oil. What I love about it is that it absorbs so quickly—you can use it after the bath and you don’t have to wrestle to put pajamas on sticky skin. I noticed an improvement in my daughters’ skin within days. I even use it on their faces—it’s so pure and simple, their sensitive skin has had no reaction.  If your kids are prone to flare ups of any kind, including cradle cap and diaper rash, this is the perfect oil to use year-round to keep skin supple and moisturized. I will definitely be using it after long days at the beach or in the pool.

I’ve been using it on my arms and legs, too. It feels so luxurious, and I just love the glass bottle and pretty packaging.

A note on the brand: Badger is a wonderful family-owned, family-friendly business. They encourage babies at work! They support meaningful social and environmental initiatives. I encourage you to explore the rest of their wonderful products—I also love their bug repellent, lip balms and grown-up products.

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One thought on “Organic Baby Oil (Not Just for Babies)

  1. I LOVE Badger!! They use organic ingredients so you can feel confident about letting them seep into your skin. Badger Balm is my go to hand balm for dry skin, especially in winter. The sensitive skin formula has olive oil and beeswax – that’s it! It is by far the most effective heavy duty moisturizer I’ve ever tried!

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