07 .28 .14 Quick and Easy Self-Tanning: Jergens Natural Glow Foam

This summer, I am fully embracing the mantra if-you-can’t-tone-it-tan-it. It’s taken years, but I have finally found a self-tanning routine that looks natural and, most importantly, I can maintain.

Turns out, my ideal, subtle tan was always right in front of me, in the drugstore: It’s all about the foam. The quick-drying, easy-to-apply, fool-proof Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer.

It’s genius mamas. Totally superior to the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer lotion that seems to own the market.

Here’s why: It dries completely in seconds. As in, you can pull on spandex after applying if you want to. It glides on easily for streak-free color. It has no self-tanning odor. Dare I say, this self tanner is The One.

I have been freaky pale for way too long because I am too lazy to wait around, naked, for other (more expensive, more hyped) self tanning products to dry. Also, most self tanners are so drying they make my skin itchy. Not this fabulous foam. It will come with me right into winter.

File this under: Drugstore No-Brainer.

P.S. I also love Jergen’s BB Body Cream.


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