09 .27 .16 Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Treatment

I have a confession: this past March, I got a hair smoothing treatment that seriously damaged my hair. I’ve been trying to stay away from chemical-laden keratin treatments so I tried an amino-acid based one. I thought, worst-case, it wouldn’t do much. And it didn’t, in the way of smoothing or humidity-blocking. But it did break my hair.

Can I just say, I’ve never. 

My hair has always been dependably tough. I use a lot of heat, I color it regularly. I live through dry New York City winters and hard tap water. I’ve aged, but my hair has always been strong. So having a head of brittle, broken hair has been a little soul crushing.

Since spring, it’s been Operation Hair Rehab. The regime has consisted of washing my hair just twice a week and using a hair mask every time. I also lowered the temp on my hair wand and spaced out my color a little more.

Over the last three months, I’ve tried over a dozen hair masks and I can tell you this with absolute certainty: this Shu Uemura wins HANDS DOWN. After just one use, my hair felt almost completely restored. It defied my expectations, which were high anyway given my love and loyalty to the brand. (I’m addicted to their time-saving blow dry oil.)

How It Works: The unique formula binds the hair cuticle and cortex together, making the hair whole again, able to fend off further damage.

What You See Immediately: Smooth, silky hair that looks and feels healthy.

What You See Over Time: Healed hair with strength and renewed life, able to take environmental and chemical beatings, if you must.

Key Ingredients: Japanese Lotus flower:noted for its ability to bloom in even the most hostile environments. It has been used  for centuries for its moisturizing and softening properties. Ceramides: lipids naturally present in the hair, providing the hair with impermeability, protection and resistance.

This remarkable treatment actually works on all hair types because of its mechanism. It also smells really good. The best part? It only takes ten minutes!

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