05 .05 .15 The BeautyMama Interview: SoulCycle’s Gabby Etrog Cohen

Gabby Etrog Cohen is the marketing phenom behind SoulCycle, the fitness game changer that inspired me—among droves of other women over 30 (or 40 or 50) with children (or grandchildren)— to get into the best shape of my life. SoulCycle is not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle and a mindset. It’s a dance party in the dark. It’s also a fashion statement and overall spreader of good vibes. Founded by two (amazing) New York City mothers who who wanted to create a shortcut to the best, total-body workout in under an hour while being fun and uplifting, SoulCycle has grown into a national movement, with 42 studios across the country and more than 12,000 devout followers peddling their way to a higher level of fitness and, I promise you, state of mind.

Etrog Cohen, mother of two, has everything to do with SoulCycle’s singular reputation in the media. As Vice President of Public Relations and Brand Strategy, she is like the mother of the brand. Essentially, Etrog Cohen helps keep SoulCycle the cool kid on the playground.

A consummate New Yorker, Etrog Cohen’s style is sleek yet edgy, her taste is selective and informed. She’s that friend who everyone asks for the best hair stylist, restaurant or kids classes. So it’s no surprise that Etrog Cohen knows the best in beauty. She’s enviably low-maintenance, but whether she’s on a bike or running between meetings, Etrog-Cohen always looks effortlessly chic.

Beautymama, defined.

Blow Dry or Air dry
A mix of both, I dry the front because it is super frizzy and then air dry the rest of my hair.

Dewy or Matte

Um…whatever is easiest.

Bold Lip or Eye


Hair Up or Down


Last Product Purchase

YSL BB cream. SO good.

Desert Island Product


A Curated Skincare Regime

Believe it or not Clean and Clear oil free moisturizer is my go-to. I try different creams all the time and always return to this. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate before bed when I remember and every other night I use M-61 Power Glow Peel from Blue Mercury.

Her Evening Must-Have

Mascara, I never wear it unless I have an event.

Biggest Beauty Blunder

When I would let my curly hair dry naturally and then brushed it out…eek!

Biggest Beauty Indulgence

I get my hair chemically straightened once to two times a year. It is naturally super frizzy and I do my best to tame it.  I have to get my hair colored to cover my grays every six weeks.

Her Go-To NYC Beauty Spots

OMG I have so many. Dana at Sally Hershberger for color, she is a miracle worker. Vickie at Vidov Salon for Matrix Optismooth straightening treatment, Lauren at Nunzio Saviano for Cezanne Hair Keratin Straightening Treatment and Nunzio for cuts.

Her Million Dollar Look

Nars blush in Desire.

Her Beauty Icon

Sarah Jessica Parker, always and forever

Bikinis, Briefs…Sometimes, Neither

I spend so much less time on myself since having kids…if I get my underwear on it is a good day.

Suprising Motherhood Urges

I just want to squeeze these little people – I love them so much.

She’s In For It

My daughter tries to use my makeup ALL the time and dresses herself. She loves a tutu!

Her Beauty Inheritence: What Mom and Grandma Say

Wear blush, mascara and do your hair! Oh and stand up straight.

What She Preaches to Her Children

Be a good person. It is the MOST important thing. And love yourself (warts and all).

Balance Schmalance

 There is no such thing as “balance.” Do your best—sometimes you fail at work, fail at being a parent or fail at taking care of yourself. It is OK. Try again tomorrow.

Her Fantasy Afternoon

 Sit on the beach with a stack of magazines….oh a girl can dream.

Keep up with Gabby @gabbyetco on Instagram and Twitter.

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