07 .18 .14 The Week in Beauty

Photo-op: Mom bloggers on Instagram who capture motherhood beautifully.

The Fine Print: LuLu Lemon’s new shopping bag disses sunscreen, causes controversy.

Mantra: How to talk to your daughter about her body.

Say It With Me: Female Survival Advantage. Apparently, it starts in the womb. Studies show girl babies can survive stressful pregnancies better than boys. Also, apparently, divorce rates are higher among couples with daughters. Researchers are saying there’s a connection.

Top Mom: A rare photo of Padma Lakshmi and her beautiful daughter, Krishna, in NYC this week.

Hear Me Thor: Marvel comics introduces its first female Thor.

Headscarves: Or, how to handle hot, bad-hair days. 

Inspiring: Website Makers.com showcases thousands of trailblazing women, both known and unknown, in a beautiful series of unforgettable videos.

Photo by @bleubird on Instagram


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