03 .19 .14 Who Says I’m Not Good at Math?


  • Time it takes to get a Brazilian bikini wax, including transit time: 60 minutes.
  • Time spent thinking about need for Brazilian bikini wax over the past 2 weeks: approx. 7 minutes/day: 96 minutes. And counting.
  • Time required to make phone call and book said Brazilian bikini wax: 2 minutes, tops.
  • Time experiencing intense discomfort during Brazilian bikini wax: 10 minutes.
  • Time feeling unbridled joy over smooth bikini area after Brazilian bikini wax: until regrowth appears, approx. 2.5 weeks, or 25,025 minutes.
  • Time wasted, including imposed, deferred joy: approx. 1200 minutes, or, just over one week.
  • Time it takes to cook homemade meals and read The New York Times cover to cover for one week: way less than 1200 minutes.

Maybe I’m not so good at math after all.

Pssst: Leana and Erica at Kimara Ahnert in New York City just might be the best waxers of all time.

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