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This month, I celebrate two very special women in my life.

That’s me on the left with Denise Portner. Denise and her husband, Jeff, grew up with my husband. They’re like family. Five years ago, Denise underwent genetic testing for breast cancer because it runs in her family. She found out that she did, indeed, carry the breast cancer gene, BRCA2. While she was contemplating surgery to reduce her risk of ovarian and breast cancer, she learned, through an MRI, that she already had breast cancer. Cancer that didn’t show up on a mammogram. Denise’s quiet, dignified strength and bravery has been humbling and inspiring to watch. Even while fighting her disease, Denise was driven to bring support and education to other women going through the complicated process of living with and undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  She first became involved with the amazing organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer as a patient. Today Denise is cancer-free and on the LBBC Board of Directors. This past weekend, Denise was honored at the organization’s annual Butterfly Ball, where she received the very special Going Beyond Award. Does she ever. It was my honor to be there celebrating her.

Please take a moment to learn more about Denise’s story and the very special organization, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, that connects women to trusted information and a community of support.

Marla Kim, second from the right in the group photo up top, was, literally, my very first friend in the world. She’s like my sister. So it’s no surprise to me that as she watched close friends around her battle cancer, she banded together a formidable group of women to form Moms Moving Mountains. Together they raise money and awareness and offer the most beautiful support to each other. They are a mighty group that should serve as a model to other mom-friends everywhere. They amaze me. Here is a photo of co-founders Karen Kleinberg Rosen(left) and Lisa Herman Goldberg(right). Lisa sadly lost her battle with cancer this year. I was lucky enough to meet Lisa—her light shined bright even when she was suffering. She was an integral part of Moms Moving Mountains and the organization will continue to grow in her honor.


As mothers, we already have such full plates. Somehow these women make room for more, to help and support other women. I hope you’ll join me in supporting them, too:
Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Moms Moving Mountains on Facebook

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So when I had my first daughter, I was hyper-vigilant about shielding her precious eyes from any sort of “screen” until she was two years old. Past two, even. There was all that research. Warnings. Foreboding messages about TV’s affect on a child’s attention span and how it could (gasp!) thwart a precious, budding imagination.

Fast forward to child #2: at 20 months I find myself chasing her around the house with Elmo on the iPad, begging her to sit still and watch the furry little red guy so I can keep her away from a hot stove (or out of my makeup kit) for five minutes. No dice. Until I found this clip of Claire Daines with Cookie Monster. Maybe all those nights nursing her while watching Homeland made some sort of imprint. (Eek!) Or maybe she’s just mesmerized by her very excellent hair.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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I like to paint outside the lines. Metaphorically, yes, but I mean physically—when I polish my nails, when I apply smudgy eye pencil, and especially when I apply mascara. It can get messy. I keep an arsenal of eye makeup remover and Q-tips in my kit for this purpose and it usually takes a few minutes to clean up my eyelids before I can move on. Those are precious minutes in the morning, and I usually only have six to myself before I have to be out the door.

So thank goodness for The Lash Card!

The Lash Card was borne of out of an old-school makeup artist’s trick of using a cut out business card to keep smears and snafus away. It couldn’t be easier to use: simply hold the card on your lid with one hand while you apply mascara with the other. If you’re intimidated or can’t picture this, just watch this one minute video. The nice, thick card stock also works well to smooth through any clumps and can help maximize curl. The card has two different sized curves so you can play around and see which works best for you. A ten-pack lasts about a month or more because you an use each card a few times.

File this under: as-obvious-as-inventing-a-Post-It-genius!


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It’s been a long week. And sometimes the pace of New York City can outpace you. But then you get stuck in traffic and are forced to slow down and a moment like this happens. When suddenly this hard, fast city is just Central Park trees out the window on a perfect fall day. And my big girl curls up on me and she’s warm while the breeze through the window is cool and, just for a moment, a really potent moment, I cherish her head on my lap and, in the rare stillness, I am flooded with love.

Then, as if on cue, the horns start honking and the traffic jams and the Taxi TV starts up and it’s all very loud. But it’s also all ok.

Have a happy holiday weekend.

(Expect some traffic.)

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As a mom past a certain age and with limited time for extra curricular beauty, I tend to skip a lot of makeup trends because they’re either too experimental or require too much energy. (Hence, BeautyMama’s mission.) There’s a life stage for neon eyeshadow and purple hair—and then there’s the more straightforward beauty of motherhood.

That said, I tend to have a lot of fun with nail polish. It’s quick, it’s temporary and I can share it with my daughter. I can get really into trendy polishes: black, white, beige, caviar effect, glitter, nail art—I’ve donned it all. Sometimes a great manicure can really make a day just a little bit better.

Nails inc is one of my favorite polish lines. It’s a very fashion-forward nail brand. This is probably not the line where you’ll find your ultimate nude. (Although the polishes are all really wearable.) Their collaboration with the ultra-cool, very fashion-y Alexa Chung produced some of the most interesting polishes I’ve ever seen. The line features six polishes that each have their own “fabric” effect. As in, leather and lace, silk and sequins, camouflage and cashmere. Literally. It’s so so cool. And don’t worry, it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates

Check out the whole line here. And look out for photos of my black leather effect nails on my Instagram feed!

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So last week, before my trip to Madrid, I went to Sephora to load up on travel-size goodies. And as I was grabbing spontaneous colors of Laura Mercier’s fabulous Caviar Color Sticks, I did a mindless grab-and-go with this eye primer. I had never seen an eye primer come in a range of shades the way concealers or foundations do, so I got curious. But I reserved hope because I’ve tried many primers and I’ve never found one that did anything remarkable for my oily lids. (That feels kind of gross to admit, but I’m all about truth here.) Inevitably, my eyeshadow creases within mere hours, be it powder or cream. Be it layered or alone. I’ve always been sort of resigned to having to touch-up my eye makeup a few times a day.

Until now.

Now, I have four words for you:





This product is straight-forward: It’s an eye primer that does what an eye primer should do—keep your eyeshadow put. But here’s what it also does: it covers discolorations and blemishes, it soothes with vitamins and antioxidants. It creates a smooth brightness that perks up the eye on days you don’t want to wear eyeshadow.

I wear Flax, but there are six colors in the line to suit every skin tone.

File this under: Must have.



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