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I must preface this post by saying I generally do not like hair spray. The build-up. The aerosol. The smell. Maybe I have some PTSD from overusing my giant purple can of Aussie maximum hold in 1991, but I haven’t owned a can of hair spray for years.

I recently went on a mission, however, to find the right spray to hold my loose waves that were falling flat fast after my recent keratin treatment. I was amazed to find FIVE that I love. These aren’t the pungent drug store cans of the past. These sprays are so lovely, I have been asked more than once what perfume I’m wearing. And I don’t wear perfume. What’s best, though, is that they provide stellar yet soft hold, and, in many cases, UV and humidity protection.

Here’s to touchable, brushable hair that lasts.

Everyday Spray: Living Proof Flex Shaping Spray

I used this spray all summer because it has the brand’s patented anti-humidity protection that I swear by. It provides a soft hold and I easily used it for a few days in a row without my hair feeling filmy.

Strong Hold and Shine Spray: Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray

This is the big sister to Oribe’s amazing, original Superfine hair spray. I use this when I need extra hold and I’m not messing around. Oribe’s hair sprays are amazing because they also provide some shine, thanks to wheat proteins and plant-derived humectants. It also smells divine—it considers itself a lightly scented hair perfume. Bonus: it also provides UV protection.

Light Hold Spray: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Sheer Laquer

My other favorite for everyday, this beautiful spray is buildable to define styles and control the amount of hold you need. A true beauty luxury.

All-Day Firm Hold

A true hair care warrior, this powerful spray locks in styles yet is buildable. It also delivers 24 hour humidity defense.

Bonus: Sachajuan Root Spray

Since we’re talking sprays, I thought I’d mention this fabulous root spray. (I use it at the crown for some extra va-voom.)

P.S. This shampoo and this hair cream are the start of a lasting blow-out.

P.P.S. Add instant texture.

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When it comes to under eye care, I believe more is more. I’ve added this convenient roller-ball situation to my handbag for pick-me-ups throughout the day (you can apply it over makeup)—but it’s really genius first thing in the morning under makeup. Packed with anti-inflammatory arnica, the light, fast drying formula truly does a little something-something on-contact for puffiness.

YSL is making a strong showing in my makeup bag these days.

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Two words about this product: HOLY SH*T.

Last week, I went to Bergdorf Goodman for refills of my beloved Charlotte Tilbury makeup. When I saw one of my favorite makeup artists, Tommy, at the counter, I asked him for a little pick-me-up. My skin has been so dry and dull thanks to a prolonged summer cold and the necessary medication I’ve had to take to kill it. I have never really had dry skin and it’s been a doozy.

Tommy used this gel-like balm to clean and prep my skin. I was instantly soothed by its gentle floral scent. And my face felt happy—that’s the only way I can describe it.

I’ve been using this truly miracle balm for the past week as an overnight recovery mask. My dry skin is gone. GONE! No longer does my foundation dry into cracks. Dare I say my skin in dewy?

This amazing product comes in a huge, luxurious glass jar that you can dip into as a makeup remover, cleanser and balm for dry skin anywhere (think elbows and heels). I am seriously impressed and obsessed. If you love oil cleansing, you’ll love it. If you’re looking for an easy mask, this is it. And it’s still so much more.

The cream-to-oil balm is loaded with potent antioxidants, vitamins and floral extracts. Here’s the eloquent down-low from Charlotte Tilbury’s website:

• Enriched with organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, a pure, natural oil that stimulates micro-circulation and enhances epidermal renewal for refreshed and smoother complexion.

• Cranberry seed oil removes the stresses of the day by intercepting and dispensing of free radicals in the skin and is high in essential fatty acids to keep skin moisturized.

• Floral accents of rose hip oil and camellia oil regenerate, restructure and hydrate the skin, delaying the signs of ageing.

• An effervescent vitamin mix: nourishing Vitamin A helps improves skin firmness and smoothness, energetic Vitamin C is able to promote collagen activity for more youthful skin and anti-oxidant Vitamin E moisturises and fights free radicals, boosting skin luminosity.

• Extracts of Frangipani, the symbol of eternity, form a soothing, purifying and hydrating comfort-blanket on the skin.

P.S. The Charlotte Tilbury makeup I bought.


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My mother may or may not be prone to overreaction, but when I was 10 and in the heat of a nail-biting USTA tennis finals match, she called a time out. She thought I was overheated, on the verge of a heat stroke. My face was that red. She made me change my shirt, sit in the clubhouse and drink Gatorade. My cheeks calmed down but I lost the match.

I haven’t really played tennis since the days of my idol Tracey Austin, but I still get super flushed when I work out. I didn’t even know I needed a face spray until I found this White Tea Facial Mist. I tried just a few spritzes after a workout and, almost instantly, my face started to calm down. Within a few minutes, the redness started to dissipate, likely due to the white tea extract, soothing aloe and chammomile. The formula dries in quickly and is like a light veil on your face, soothing and hydrating. It’s not at all oily or heavy. The scent is mildly floral, but in an aromatherapy sense, not in a perfumey way—it’s divine.

Right now I’m enjoying using this as a post-workout refresher, and it’s also nice at the beach or the pool on a hot day. I think I’ll also use it during the fall and winter to rehydrate, maybe before makeup or my evening skincare.

Made by the wonderful Neals Yard Remedies, it’s organic and suitable on all skin types.


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Fighting frizz is pretty much my second vocation.

I’ve been a huge fan of Living Proof for years now (see here and here) and they never stop amazing me with innovative products that truly work.

This super light spray has been a daily part of my summer routine and my hair has managed to look smooth in the swampy 96% humidity evenings we’ve enjoyed a lot lately here in the northeast.

What’s most amazing to me is that there’s no build-up, even though I use it multiple times between washings. As always, there’s also no parabens, sulfates or phthalates.


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I decided this blush deserved its own post because every time I wear it—or post a photo wearing it, I get asked about it. And I pretty much wear it everyday. It’s my go-to, my all-star.

So here are the deets:

It’s a peachy-pink powder blush that’s part of Tom Ford’s permanent collection. It’s bright but blendable. Not too peachy and not too pink, with no shimmer or sparkle.  It seems to look great on everyone. My blond friends, my more olive-complected friends. It’s like the universal wonder blush.

I’ve been patting a little bit of this Tom Ford illuminator on top lately and loving the look—my own brand of subtle strobing, if you will.

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