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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has some coveted beauty buys and exclusives that don’t seem to get as much play as the fashion deals do. I felt I would be remiss not to share a few of my favorites with my fellow beauty addicts. The sale is on through August 4th.

Makeup: This “Nude on Nude” palette from Bobbi Brown is an amazing value and the colors are so wearable and universally flattering. It comes with a full size mascara and gel eyeliner. (It’s $85, down from $208!) This limited edition Nars cheek palette is all you need, complete with two blush shades, bronzer and highlighter. The Lacome Mascara Wardrobe is a savvy little buy—for $39 you get their four best-selling mascaras, an eyeliner and eye makeup remover.

Hair: This Perfect Hair Day set from one of my favorite hair care lines, Living Proof, is a great buy at $45. This hair wand looks great, and very similar to my beloved Sedu Clipless hair wand.

Tools: I love this MAC Brush set. A great deal at more than half-off. If you aren’t on the Clarisonic face cleansing bandwagon, this starter set is a nice opportunity to jump on.

There’s also some very good perfume, candles and beautiful soaps sets—perfect for holiday gifts.

Happy shopping!


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07 .18 .14 The Week in Beauty

Photo-op: Mom bloggers on Instagram who capture motherhood beautifully.

The Fine Print: LuLu Lemon’s new shopping bag disses sunscreen, causes controversy.

Mantra: How to talk to your daughter about her body.

Say It With Me: Female Survival Advantage. Apparently, it starts in the womb. Studies show girl babies can survive stressful pregnancies better than boys. Also, apparently, divorce rates are higher among couples with daughters. Researchers are saying there’s a connection.

Top Mom: A rare photo of Padma Lakshmi and her beautiful daughter, Krishna, in NYC this week.

Hear Me Thor: Marvel comics introduces its first female Thor.

Headscarves: Or, how to handle hot, bad-hair days. 

Inspiring: Website Makers.com showcases thousands of trailblazing women, both known and unknown, in a beautiful series of unforgettable videos.

Photo by @bleubird on Instagram


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John Barrett’s new Be Healed Styling Masque  has been steadily transforming my hair the past few weeks.

I use it on wet hair before styling, as well as on dry hair to smooth and shine. It’s actually kind of miraculous. You see results instantly. What I love about it is that beyond the immediate results you see, the reparative properties just keep on giving. It’s like a protein Rx for hair, with super high concentrations of keratin, beeswax, wheat germ and exotic oils. It’s a non-greasy cream that acts as both a treatment and a smoothing, softening styling aid. Suitable for all hair types and particularly effective on hair that’s on the dry side, either from the environment or from processing.

It’s not too often that I discover a product that becomes a mainstay in my hair care routine, but this one has become top drawer.

P.S. More of my favorite hair care and tools.


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I’ll admit, after my first daughter was weaned and before I was pregnant with my second baby, when my body was mine and mine alone, there was a window of time when I engaged in some toxic beauty treatments. A little bit of Botox, some prescription Retin A—and Keratin hair treatments. I thought the Botox would be the poisonous addiction I’d develop, but honestly, the hair-smoothing, time-saving, frizz-fighting Keratin was the most life-changing.

I’ve been off the hair treatment wagon for a few years now, especially since the big Keratin bust of 2011, when it was revealed that most Keratin treatments had wildly high levels of formaldehyde. I just didn’t even want to go near it. But I was thrilled recently to learn about Trissola from the pros at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon where I get my color done in New York City. I’m a few weeks in and my hair is smoother and more manageable and more humidity-proof, which is really all I can ever hope for. (Plus, I can nuzzle my girls without worrying about chemical vapors.) The results rival Keratin but the integrity of your hair is more intact. In fact, the healing vitamins and oils in Trissola are touted as an anti-aging formula for hair. The treatment is actually nourishing, unlike traditional Keratins, which, I can attest, are ultimately are very drying.

Here’s the lowdown:

Most Notable: There are no formaldehyde derivitates, lye or cyseteine.

Key Ingredients: Powered by peptides. Hair is infused with panthenol, keratin, antioxidants and coconut oil to increase strength and elasticity and seal cuticles.

The Process: A two hour process that closely resembles a Keratin treatment: product is applied, hair is dried then flat-ironed. However, there are no restrictions—hair can be washed immediately.

The Results: Moderate, though meaningful: smoother hair, sealed cuticles, blow-dry time cut in half. Humidity resistant. Lasts up to twelve weeks.

Trissola is safe for all hair-types and the treatment is tweaked accordingly—left on longer or shorter depending on hair porosity and texture. I highly recommend it. The one caveat is that my colored hair was stripped a bit. This was easily remedied with a glossing treatment, but bear it mind that Trissola must be done ten days before of after color. For what it’s worth, Keratin treatments mucked with my color, too.

If you’re in New York City and want to learn more about Trissola, call the talented Renee Cohen at Serge Normant at John Freida. (The great Steven Amendola does my color there, FYI.)


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07 .11 .14 The Week in Beauty

Congrats: Claire Danes leads the pack of beautymamas up for Emmy awards this year. Julianna Margulies, Sophia Vergara, Melissa McCarthy, Kerry Washington and Robin Wright also got well deserved nominations.

Expecting: Eva Mendez is seven months pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. A nation of women are in mourning. I don’t want to be around when (probably shirtless) photos of him holding the baby surface. Here, the 7 stages of grieving over the news.

Bizarre: 15 really strange beauty inventions from Asia. Can you say face iron?

Frozen: No, not that one. Ice cubes. They belong in your beauty routine. Here’s how.

Steal: Beauty secrets from the far east and beyond. And they’re all natural.

Real: Julie Bowen breaks down motherhood, beautifully, on TheGlow. About her three boys, the gorgeous mama says “They are pure joy and pure challenge all the time.” 

Selfies: 6 makeup tricks for excellent summer shots.

Have a beautiful weekend. 



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If I could, I would swathe myself in lanky layers of gold jewelry, jingling with every move. Alas, I have a toddler who pulls, chews and/or steals anything I wear so these tats are the perfect antidote to my thwarted, bohemian-jeweled rhapsody. Snag them at Lulu DK Lifestyle.

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