10 .17 .14 Claire Danes Trades CIA Secrets For Sesame Street

So when I had my first daughter, I was hyper-vigilant about shielding her precious eyes from any sort of “screen” until she was two years old. Past two, even. There was all that research. Warnings. Foreboding messages about TV’s affect on a child’s attention span and how it could (gasp!) thwart a precious, budding imagination.

Fast forward to child #2: at 20 months I find myself chasing her around the house with Elmo on the iPad, begging her to sit still and watch the furry little red guy so I can keep her away from a hot stove (or out of my makeup kit) for five minutes. No dice. Until I found this clip of Claire Daines with Cookie Monster. Maybe all those nights nursing her while watching Homeland made some sort of imprint. (Eek!) Or maybe she’s just mesmerized by her very excellent hair.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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