04 .06 .15 Living Proof: Restore Mask Treatment

I found myself applying smoothing cream to my hair more often than usual. My blow outs weren’t looking glossy and my hair seemed puffier and harder to tame.

My hair, the one thing I can pretty much rely on being consistently good, was DULL.

(Insert panic and heart palpitations.)

Then I tried this magic hair mask and all was right in the world. My hair was silky, manageable and looked impressively healthy. All traces of winter damage, curling wands and chemical processing, literally, reversed. I wouldn’t have believed the brand’s claim if I didn’t see the results myself: continued use of this mask can make your hair like virgin hair.

If your hair needs any repairing whatsoever—and who’s doesn’t—this mask is a miracle worker.

I could tell you how easy it is to use: just five minutes in the shower instead of conditioner.

I could tell you that Living Proof’s proprietary technology actually restores the outer layer of hair, sealing in moisture, closing the cuticle, and thereby masks (no pun intended) and prevents damage.

But, instead, I’ll just say: got to your nearest Sephora and buy the magic tub and thank me later.

P.S. More of my favorite Living Proof products here.


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