03 .20 .14 Of Course It Would Take an M.I.T. Scientist to Solve My Frizz Problem

Frizz is scientific—although, believe me, I know it can get emotional. But, simply put, dry, damaged hair expands when it is exposed to moisture and, depending upon the natural structure of you hair, humidity can curl it, poof it or flatten it—or, as in my case, all of the above.

The leading anti-frizz fighter for the past 30 years has been silicone. Idea being, coat hair with a moisture-resistant material and it wards off the frizzies. Silicone works okay, but it can really make hair greasy. My humidity-blocker of choice is hands down Living Proof No-Frizz. It’s an entirely new molecule that was discovered by a scientist who was trying to figure out how to keep moisture of the wings of airplanes. And it works. Not only does it work, but it protects hair so well, it actually repels dirt, too. So your hair is softer, smoother and cleaner.

I’ve been using Living Proof for five years and the line has really grown. These are my personal favorites for thick, medium-coarse hair. But my friends with finer hair have been equally as happy with the products formulated for them.

1: no-frizz wave shaping, curl making styling cream: This gives nice hold if you like more movement in your blowout or use hot styling tools.

2: restore revitalizing spray: With heat and UV defense, this restorative spray instantly polishes the cuticle and protects hair from damage.  Works well on all hair types.

3: flex shaping hairspray: provides soft yet enduring hold and smells really good for all hair types.


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