01 .07 .15 Miracle 10 AHA Cream

Apparently, I love all things Canadian: my Dad, my fabulous new friend and neighbor, N., my beloved Marcelle mascara and now, this Miracle 10 AHA cream.

Where to begin? Because I certainly wasn’t looking for an alpha hydroxy acid product. Historically, AHA’s and I haven’t gotten along very well. We tend to start out okay, but then, over time, I get flakey and dry. And red. (And, ultimately, resentful.)

But I was introduced to Miracle 10 when I interviewed Gilt Co-Founder and Glamsquad C.E.O. Alexandra Wilkis Wilson because she included the brand’s (amazing) cleanser in her list of can’t-live-without-beauty-products. They assessed my skin online and sent me a regime to try, including the cleanser, toner, this weightless serum, this AHA cream and a heavier night cream. After some research, I became intrigued with the brand and decided to commit to it for a month.

Two months later, I’m still using it all religiously. Actually, I recommend the whole line—the products do work together in the regime Miracle 10 will customize for you—but I like to stay focused here so I’m honing in on this wonderfully gentle, extremely nourishing, carefully exfoliating AHA cream. No redness. And definitely no dryness. The cream combines lactic acid 6%, with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid (the stuff that’s in skin-plumping injectibles) to create skin brightening, pore tightening AHA magic.

Perk: Miracle 10 is offering a 25% discount to BeautyMama readers with the code “BeautyMama.” No minimum purchase. And free shipping on orders over $75. Yay!


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