10 .08 .14 Nails inc + Alexa Chung = Super Cool Nail Polish

As a mom past a certain age and with limited time for extra curricular beauty, I tend to skip a lot of makeup trends because they’re either too experimental or require too much energy. (Hence, BeautyMama’s mission.) There’s a life stage for neon eyeshadow and purple hair—and then there’s the more straightforward beauty of motherhood.

That said, I tend to have a lot of fun with nail polish. It’s quick, it’s temporary and I can share it with my daughter. I can get really into trendy polishes: black, white, beige, caviar effect, glitter, nail art—I’ve donned it all. Sometimes a great manicure can really make a day just a little bit better.

Nails inc is one of my favorite polish lines. It’s a very fashion-forward nail brand. This is probably not the line where you’ll find your ultimate nude. (Although the polishes are all really wearable.) Their collaboration with the ultra-cool, very fashion-y Alexa Chung produced some of the most interesting polishes I’ve ever seen. The line features six polishes that each have their own “fabric” effect. As in, leather and lace, silk and sequins, camouflage and cashmere. Literally. It’s so so cool. And don’t worry, it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates

Check out the whole line here. And look out for photos of my black leather effect nails on my Instagram feed!

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