10 .06 .14 Eye Basics: Laura Mercier’s Eye Primer

So last week, before my trip to Madrid, I went to Sephora to load up on travel-size goodies. And as I was grabbing spontaneous colors of Laura Mercier’s fabulous Caviar Color Sticks, I did a mindless grab-and-go with this eye primer. I had never seen an eye primer come in a range of shades the way concealers or foundations do, so I got curious. But I reserved hope because I’ve tried many primers and I’ve never found one that did anything remarkable for my oily lids. (That feels kind of gross to admit, but I’m all about truth here.) Inevitably, my eyeshadow creases within mere hours, be it powder or cream. Be it layered or alone. I’ve always been sort of resigned to having to touch-up my eye makeup a few times a day.

Until now.

Now, I have four words for you:





This product is straight-forward: It’s an eye primer that does what an eye primer should do—keep your eyeshadow put. But here’s what it also does: it covers discolorations and blemishes, it soothes with vitamins and antioxidants. It creates a smooth brightness that perks up the eye on days you don’t want to wear eyeshadow.

I wear Flax, but there are six colors in the line to suit every skin tone.

File this under: Must have.



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