10 .27 .15 Obsession: Jane Iredale chocoholicks

I love this lip kit as much as I love actual chocolate. I want to make sure you understand what this means.

Not to be competitive, but to know me at all is to know that I can crush you in any chocolate challenge. I have what I consider the ultimate trifecta of chocolate skills:

Capacity: I can bake the chunkiest chocolate chip cookies and eat you under the table.

Skill: I can ID grades of dark chocolate through scent alone. I can pluck chocolate morsels seamlessly out of any pastry or ice cream tub.

Speed: I can “sample” and categorize a large box of bonbons standing at my kitchen counter in under two minutes.

My addiction attachment to chocolate is like a gift or a curse, depending on the day.

So when I say I like Jane Iredale’s lip glosses as much as chocolate, we’re talking about a category all-star: color, consistency, and quality. Not to mention scent and packaging. The warm, wearable brown shades can take you from day to night. A light dab of any color reads like a nude on the lip. Layer it on and you’ve got a gorgeous bold lip that’s less shocking but just as statement-making as a bright red or orange. I like to call it a neutral-bold. As someone who really doesn’t do a bold lip, this is my go-to. I’ve been wearing the colors non-stop for weeks.

Beautiful bonus: Jane Iredale is a very special brand that has partnered with the amazing Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization for the past six years. It is also dedicated to animals and the environment. Read about what they thoughtfully call their inner makeup here.



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