03 .20 .14 When My Two-Year Old Had Bad Hair

My older daughter was practically bald until she was three. She had more hair in the back of her head than the front, and it moved in mysterious ways around a cowlick on the right and a severe part on the left. She didn’t have enough hair for pigtails or bows. She refused to wear hats. And when the humidity went up, her hair did things I had only seen on the heads of puppets. Bad toddler hair is kind of like baby acne: you just have dig deep and wait for them to age out of it. 

At this point, I was still using the same baby hair and body wash I’d been using since Julia was born so I started experimenting with various natural washes and shampoos. I had to be really mindful of the ingredients because, of course, Julia had baby acne too, and super sensitive skin prone to rashes.

I discovered Nature’s Baby Organics and fell in love instantly. First of all, the scents are heaven: Tangerine Vanilla and Lavender Camomile. (Your child will smell so good after a bath, I should warn you that snuggle suffocation is a thing.) Second, my sweet girl’s wayward hair calmed down a bit from the moisturizing blend of aloe, shea butter and calendula. As did her skin.


And now that that funky-haired toddler is almost seven, with the most glorious head of wavy hair, Nature’s Baby Organic’s Conditioner and Detangler is the only product that brings out her waves and keeps her hair manageable. I really love this brand. To boot, they are a mighty little company, fast becoming leaders in the organic beauty industry—started by a mom with a concern for her own child’s sensitive skin. It always feels good to support great companies with meaningful missions.

Buy the products I love and check out the rest of the Nature’s Baby Organic line here.

Photo:  Depositphotos.com/lanakhvorostova 

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One thought on “When My Two-Year Old Had Bad Hair

  1. I’m laughing out loud about the cowlick! Love your insightful, humorous, and of course, informative posts. You make reading about products so enjoyable!

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