04 .12 .16 Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Let me say, off the bat, I’m not really an oil person. I dabble in Argan, I tread lightly with Moroccan, but, in general, I’m always trying to control oil and even though I am studied enough to know that oil doesn’t equal oil, I am sparing.

That said: I have been using this oil nightly for over a month and my brighter, tighter, smoother face is ready to shout out about it from the rooftops.

For starters, and most importantly, Luna is a retinol, delivered in Avocado Seed oil basically (the superhero of seed oils). So think of it as your aging preventative, not just your evening moisturizer (although it certainly is that, too). What’s interesting about Luna, is that it contains a next-generation retinol that is definitely kinder and gentler on the skin. I have historically been really sensitive to retinol and irritate easily, but I have used this product daily for a month without incident.

Likely because it contains blue tansy, a skin-soother derived from flowers (similar to chamomile) but with more potent anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, the oil is a cool, deep shade of blue but, don’t worry, the color disappears when you rub it in. You only need a few drops. It is fast absorbing, not at all greasy and benefits all skin types.

Have you tried this oil? Do you want to? Let me know!

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