04 .21 .16 Hello Spring: Hip Anema by Essie

I’ve been wearing this bright red-orange non-stop for the past two weeks. Obsessively touching up the tips at home, applying a coat of this shiny top coat every other day to keep in fresh—oh, and it’s on my toes now, too. This pop of color is just making me so damn happy right now. And it goes with everything. No, scratch that, it flatters everything.

Today, I’m wearing army green, white and black. Amazing. (It’s not too orangey as to reference Halloween against black, a problem often seen with some of my other favorite orange hues.) The other day, I actually wore all white with some gray and my nails were like a happy little exclamation mark. Don’t even get me started on how good this color looks with denim and white.

I must tell you, this color isn’t new. But new isn’t always best, right?

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