02 .15 .15 Uma Thurman Explains Why Makeup, Not Surgery, Changed Her Look

Here’s Uma Thurman on Today responding to the wrath she’s been under since her appearance on the red carpet for premier of her new mini-series, The Slap.

Looking much more like herself, Thurman says it was makeup, not surgery, that changed her appearance.

I’m inclined to believe her.

In a stark departure from her typical neutral makeup, Thurman went with a bold red lip, darker, thicker brows—and no mascara! Her makeup artist, the inimitable Troy Surratt, said he got tired of the heavy lashes-and-liner look and was going for “effortless Parisienne chic.”

I suppose even the best of the best have their fails.

Then again, if I left the house with no mascara, no one would recognize me either.

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