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I’m thrilled to be a contributor to NadineJolie—one of the smartest beauty blogs around. I’ve been a huge fan of Nadine’s for years and almost have to pinch myself about working with her. If you’re not familiar with her site, you must check it out. She is a true beauty expert, so much fun to read and incredibly honest. I’ve discovered some of my favorite products through her and I have a feeling you will, too.

For my first piece on beauty and motherhood, I wrote about the most significant ways being a mom has impacted my beauty routine. Here’s a snippet:

I’ve given up my bathroom, my former oasis.
Prior to having children, I had a beautiful set-up of makeup brushes standing i n pretty glasses and cosmetics organized in a lovely little cabinet. I’d sit in front of my lighted mirror, play some old jazz (or Duran Duran or Madonna or The Beatles—whatever I wanted. I was alone) and I was in my happy place. Now, since bathrooms might as well be a water park and my little monkey thinks the marble bathtub is a fancy jungle gym, I’ve relegated my beauty necessities to a basket that I can transport around the house so I’m able to set up shop in any room. And it’s often the kitchen. Lots of natural light, pots and pans to bang on—and snacks to bribe the children.

You can read the full article here. 


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