09 .03 .15 White Tea Facial Mist

My mother may or may not be prone to overreaction, but when I was 10 and in the heat of a nail-biting USTA tennis finals match, she called a time out. She thought I was overheated, on the verge of a heat stroke. My face was that red. She made me change my shirt, sit in the clubhouse and drink Gatorade. My cheeks calmed down but I lost the match.

I haven’t really played tennis since the days of my idol Tracey Austin, but I still get super flushed when I work out. I didn’t even know I needed a face spray until I found this White Tea Facial Mist. I tried just a few spritzes after a workout and, almost instantly, my face started to calm down. Within a few minutes, the redness started to dissipate, likely due to the white tea extract, soothing aloe and chammomile. The formula dries in quickly and is like a light veil on your face, soothing and hydrating. It’s not at all oily or heavy. The scent is mildly floral, but in an aromatherapy sense, not in a perfumey way—it’s divine.

Right now I’m enjoying using this as a post-workout refresher, and it’s also nice at the beach or the pool on a hot day. I think I’ll also use it during the fall and winter to rehydrate, maybe before makeup or my evening skincare.

Made by the wonderful Neals Yard Remedies, it’s organic and suitable on all skin types.


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