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The cold, dry weather is really gaining momentum here in NYC. Even though my legs are covered every day, I miss my self tanner. It’s just too drying to use during the winter on a regular basis. That’s why I put this cream back into rotation.

I love a good drugstore find. Jergens really beat all brands to the punch with this, the first BB cream for body in the U.S. And like a great facial BB cream, Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream does it all—and does it well. It hydrates, illuminates, firms and evens tone instantly. When used daily, it actually improves skin over time.

I have been using the formula for light skin tones on my arms and legs religiously. It goes on sheer and dries quickly. My favorite part is the lovely blurring effect it has on the skin that really diminishes imperfections. It also delivers a nice, subtle sheen. I’ve been a little lax on self-tanning my lily-white gams and this made me feel confident walking out the door in a pencil skirt. I plan to mix it with my beloved Jergens Natural Glow all summer. It’s really a no-brainer.


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