05 .14 .15 Bumble and Bumble’s SemiSumo Hair Pomade

Ok, so you know how you have a medicine cabinet full of Rx’s and remedies you may or may not use all the time? But they’re there, as they should be, for that one day (or middle of night) when you really, really need that (hopefully not expired) cough syrup from that brutal cold you had last winter.

Well, I feel that way about my “hair cabinet.” I’ve got mousses, gels, smoothing creams, heat protectant spray, hair spray, shine serums, dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners I can’t live without, at least some of the time. And this difficult-to-categorize hair wax/pomade has had a permanent spot next to my Living Proof family for a while.

It’s a wax but with a not-too-waxy consistency that becomes soft when you work it between your fingers. It’s made up of a scant six ingredients, half of which are coconut oil, canola oil and beeswax, so you get a big dose of shine. But here’s what’s key about this product: it provides light hold. You get definition and control without losing softness. So your hair moves and isn’t weighed down. Too vague? Here’s how I use it:

-to tame and add texture to a fresh blowout that might be too bouncy or big.

-to keep fly aways down when wearing my hair back.

-to tame my girls’ fly aways.

-to get that “second day hair” look on any day.

Oh, and I used it on my husband on Halloween to force a side-part  on his very short hair.

Make sense? You might have to try it to really understand. It’s one of those products you don’t realize you need, no matter your hair type. And then, one day, you experiment with some giant hot rollers and your hair is as big as Texas and you thank your stars you’ve got this little green jar of magic to turn your hair from Dolly Parton to Daryl Hannah in Splash, in a flash.

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