09 .29 .14 Travel Beauty: What I Packed


I’m off to Madrid this week and managed to fit all my necessities into two bags within my carry-on. (I think there should be an award for this.) I thought I’d share what’s in my bag.


1. Henri Bendel Beauty Train Case

All my makeup, hair clips and contact lenses are hanging out in here. I got this as a birthday gift almost ten years ago and it’s still as good as new. These classic brown and white striped bags are worth their weight in gold.

2. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes

I found a small travel pack of 10 wipes at my local drugstore. I’ll use these to take off my makeup at night instead of taking my large jar of Ponds cold cream.

3. Hair: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Travel Set

I got an excellent blowout before I left, which I will preserve, and I plan to wash my hair just once. I love Living Proof and found this Perfect Hair Day travel set at Sephora.

4. Skincare: Ole Henrikson The Works Kit

I actually ran out of all my skincare before I left (I’ve been road testing a few things I’ll tell you about soon) so I ran into Sephora to grab my go-to Ole Henrikson favorites, conveniently on sale in a perfect travel size intro kit. I LOVE this skincare line. I used it throughout my last pregnancy since it has no nasties in it, and I go back to it again and again because it’s so good—it’s straightforward and it works. It really brightens my skin. I didn’t want to experiment while traveling, which can freak out my skin.

5. Sedu Curling Wand

I’ll use this to perk up my hair and spruce up my hotel room blowout. My magic wand never fails me.

6. Full Pint Large Round Brush by drybar

I won’t bring a blow dryer, but I won’t travel without a great brush. This ceramic brush heats up from the heat of your blow dryer to smooth and shine. It can also acts like a curling iron with a flip of the wrist.

7. John Barrett Hair Be Healed Styling Masque

I’m still living for this nourishing hair cream. I use a little bit every day to smooth and condition my hair.

8. Johnson’s Baby Powder (travel size)

It’s still my favorite “dry shampoo.” I sprinkle a little bit on my finger tips and rub into the sides of my scalp where I get greasy.


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