06 .30 .14 Refresh Yourself

True story: I came home from a Soul Cycle class drenched in sweat. I had an hour to shower and get dressed to take my baby to a mommy and me class. The water in my building had just been shut off unexpectedly due to a leak. There was no telling when it would come on. I considered skipping the class if I couldn’t bathe—it was that kind of a work out. I didn’t want to offend the other mothers. Luckily I remembered that I had been sent these Ban Restore Total Refresh body cloths to try. I stripped down and used them everywhere. I even rubbed them into my sweaty roots. (I used my Yes to Cucumbers wipes on my face). I swear I smelled fresh a daisy, and I loved the soothing, cooling sensation after my workout.

Genius. I love products that do exactly what they say they do.

These are perfect to stash in your gym or beach bag for those times when you need to refresh on the go. For what it’s worth, I tried all three versions and they really all felt the same to me and had very subtle, lovely scents.



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