Can you imagine creating a beautiful, cloth-bound photo album in under five minutes? I just did. And I can’t get over it. G-D I love savvy technology I can actually use.

Here’s how Mosaic works:

-Download the app onto your iPhone or tablet.

-Open app.

-Choose 20 photos from your photo album

-Receive fabulous 7″X 7″ photo book in the mail in four days.

Seriously, the whole process could not be easier. I haven’t put together an actual photo album in ten years. I am not good at these things for more reasons than I can list. I have already made two Mosaics. I have gifted a few. I have ideas for more—like, I’m going to a friend’s birthday party and snapping photos all night and will make a Mosaic for her in the taxi ride home that she’ll have in her hands in four days. How awesome is that?!

I’m really excited to have an outlet for all the photos of my children I never got around to printing. (I also have a feeling I’m about to start living my life in Mosiac moments the way I once lived in Facebook statuses in my head.)

Head on over to my Instagram feed to take a peek at the Mosaic I just made for my husband’s birthday.


I love when a beauty brand uses it’s influence and reach to celebrate women. This campaign by Morocconoil is a mesmerizing video series that puts a spotlight on five women—all with different beauty and agendas; all living inspired lives while changing lives in the process. The short videos are directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, and include Morocconoil ambassador Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

Take a few minutes to meet these amazing women and be inspired. xo


This month, I celebrate two very special women in my life.

That’s me on the left with Denise Portner. Denise and her husband, Jeff, grew up with my husband. They’re like family. Five years ago, Denise underwent genetic testing for breast cancer because it runs in her family. She found out that she did, indeed, carry the breast cancer gene, BRCA2. While she was contemplating surgery to reduce her risk of ovarian and breast cancer, she learned, through an MRI, that she already had breast cancer. Cancer that didn’t show up on a mammogram. Denise’s quiet, dignified strength and bravery has been humbling and inspiring to watch. Even while fighting her disease, Denise was driven to bring support and education to other women going through the complicated process of living with and undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  She first became involved with the amazing organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer as a patient. Today Denise is cancer-free and on the LBBC Board of Directors. This past weekend, Denise was honored at the organization’s annual Butterfly Ball, where she received the very special Going Beyond Award. Does she ever. It was my honor to be there celebrating her.

Please take a moment to learn more about Denise’s story and the very special organization, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, that connects women to trusted information and a community of support.

Marla Kim, second from the right in the group photo up top, was, literally, my very first friend in the world. She’s like my sister. So it’s no surprise to me that as she watched close friends around her battle cancer, she banded together a formidable group of women to form Moms Moving Mountains. Together they raise money and awareness and offer the most beautiful support to each other. They are a mighty group that should serve as a model to other mom-friends everywhere. They amaze me. Here is a photo of co-founders Karen Kleinberg Rosen(left) and Lisa Herman Goldberg(right). Lisa sadly lost her battle with cancer this year. I was lucky enough to meet Lisa—her light shined bright even when she was suffering. She was an integral part of Moms Moving Mountains and the organization will continue to grow in her honor.


As mothers, we already have such full plates. Somehow these women make room for more, to help and support other women. I hope you’ll join me in supporting them, too:
Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Moms Moving Mountains on Facebook

It’s been a long week. And sometimes the pace of New York City can outpace you. But then you get stuck in traffic and are forced to slow down and a moment like this happens. When suddenly this hard, fast city is just Central Park trees out the window on a perfect fall day. And my big girl curls up on me and she’s warm while the breeze through the window is cool and, just for a moment, a really potent moment, I cherish her head on my lap and, in the rare stillness, I am flooded with love.

Then, as if on cue, the horns start honking and the traffic jams and the Taxi TV starts up and it’s all very loud. But it’s also all ok.

Have a happy holiday weekend.

(Expect some traffic.)

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is a co-founder of, the flash-sale fashion site that forever changed the way we shop on the web. She recently became the CEO of GLAMSQUAD, an in-home, on-demand hair and makeup service that’s giving blowdry bars a run for their money. I’ve been a fan of GLAMSQUAD for a while now. It’s fast, convenient and the quality of the service is top-notch.

Wilson’s move to GLAMSQUAD was the news of both The Wall Street Journal and Womens Wear Daily. If Wilson catapults GLAMSQUAD the way she did Gilt, women across the country are about to change the way they think about how, and how often, they get their hair and makeup done.

Wilson might have excited the suits on Wall Street with her move, but I’m happy to see the world of professional beauty become more accessible. Wilson is a girl’s girl visionary. With Harvard Business School roots and cascading strawberry blond hair, she also managed to start a family in the midst of her growing success. Now, as the mother of two young children and at the helm of a burgeoning new business, Wilson shares her outlook on life, work and the benefits of a great blowout.

We started off with a beauty rapid fire:

Dewy or Matte


Bold Lip or Eye


Hair Up or Down


Last Beauty Purchase

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

Desert Island Product


Here’s a glimpse of Alexandra’s must-haves. I’m intrigued! So many cool brands:


1: Erno Laszlo 3-9 Balm

2: Chanel Rouge Double Intensite′ Lip Color

3: Tata Harper Rejuvinating Serum

4: Iconic Anti-Aging Skin Preserver

5: Peter Thomas Roth BB Blur SPF 30 Beauty Balm

6: Hard Night Good Morning Eye Cream

7: Miracle 10 Cleanser

8: Youth Corridor Boost 2.0

9: Dior Diorshow Mascara


Must Have Make-Up

Bobbi Brown makeup brushes, Eliza’s Eyes Brow Shaper Gel, MAC Prep + Prime Translucent set powder, Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Diorshow Mascara and Chanel Rouge Double Intensite′ Ultra Wear Lip Color.

Lip Service

I am not particularly loyal to one shade or brand of lipstick or gloss, I am always trying new ones, but let’s be honest— Chanel does great packaging!

Her Go-To Evening Look

An awesome blow out, long dark lashes and a strong, lasting lip.

She Keeps Secrets

My biggest beauty blunder? Not on the internet please!

Main Event

I am not that good at doing my own hair, so hallelujah for GLAMSQUAD.

Biggest Beauty Indulgence

Facials at Dr. Adam Kolker’s office. His aestheticians are amazing.

NYC Black Book

I get my cut and color at Vartali Salon, I get my skin checked for sun damage at Dr. Gervaise Gerstner and I get my facials at Dr Adam Kolker. Products? I buy those online and also love the new Birchbox store. And now that GLAMSQUAD is here, my go-to process for getting ready just got a whole lot easier!

Best Face Forward

GLAMSQUAD’s The Dreamer is our signature look that makes me feel like a million bucks, since I LOVE big lashes and a great lip color. It makes me feel like me, but better!


I admire women who have aged gracefully because they took good care of their skin throughout their lives

When Motherhood Minuses the Minutes

I have less time to spend on myself so I have had to become more efficient! I now trust the professionals to take care of me when I don’t have the time to!


Motherhood is not for sissies! It is hard work! Motherhood has made me more appreciative of my own mother and my grandmothers.

The Children Notice Everything

(As in, hair done or undone. Makeup on or off.) Of course they do. Kids have amazing intuition.

She Means Business At Home, Too.

My kids know that I am strict about their sunblock and they cooperate when I lather them.

Lessons from Grandma

Less is more.

Lesson for Her Children

Beauty comes from within.

The Balance

I try and take it one day at a time and do the best I can. It helps that I am hyper organized.

Dream indulgence

An afternoon of pampering sounds pretty amazing!


I’m off to Madrid this week and managed to fit all my necessities into two bags within my carry-on. (I think there should be an award for this.) I thought I’d share what’s in my bag.


1. Henri Bendel Beauty Train Case

All my makeup, hair clips and contact lenses are hanging out in here. I got this as a birthday gift almost ten years ago and it’s still as good as new. These classic brown and white striped bags are worth their weight in gold.

2. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes

I found a small travel pack of 10 wipes at my local drugstore. I’ll use these to take off my makeup at night instead of taking my large jar of Ponds cold cream.

3. Hair: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Travel Set

I got an excellent blowout before I left, which I will preserve, and I plan to wash my hair just once. I love Living Proof and found this Perfect Hair Day travel set at Sephora.

4. Skincare: Ole Henrikson The Works Kit

I actually ran out of all my skincare before I left (I’ve been road testing a few things I’ll tell you about soon) so I ran into Sephora to grab my go-to Ole Henrikson favorites, conveniently on sale in a perfect travel size intro kit. I LOVE this skincare line. I used it throughout my last pregnancy since it has no nasties in it, and I go back to it again and again because it’s so good—it’s straightforward and it works. It really brightens my skin. I didn’t want to experiment while traveling, which can freak out my skin.

5. Sedu Curling Wand

I’ll use this to perk up my hair and spruce up my hotel room blowout. My magic wand never fails me.

6. Full Pint Large Round Brush by drybar

I won’t bring a blow dryer, but I won’t travel without a great brush. This ceramic brush heats up from the heat of your blow dryer to smooth and shine. It can also acts like a curling iron with a flip of the wrist.

7. John Barrett Hair Be Healed Styling Masque

I’m still living for this nourishing hair cream. I use a little bit every day to smooth and condition my hair.

8. Johnson’s Baby Powder (travel size)

It’s still my favorite “dry shampoo.” I sprinkle a little bit on my finger tips and rub into the sides of my scalp where I get greasy.